Viands is a spontaneous collaboration between two auteurs of Detroit's underground music scene. Joel Peterson and Dave Shettler met in the early aughts while Peterson was actively carving a name for himself presenting underground and new sounds (his and others) to Detroit audiences with his Bohemian National Home venue and Shettler was back boning and warping various rock and R&B acts across Detroit and the western world. Viands began as a sound check for a visiting jazz pianist borrowing Shettler's Moog sitting atop the piano in Peterson's current venue, Trinosophes.

Seven Thousand Year Plan
Released June 8, 2018
Two Rooms Records, Detroit
Available as Vinyl LP

This continuous performance was recorded on a hand-held device while rehearsing for Wolf Eyes' Trip Metal Fest in May 2016.

The Gifting Of VA/243
Set Adrift/Celestial Companions

David Shettler (Roland Piano Plus 11 and Moog Sub Phatty)
Joel Peterson (Rhodes Suitcase 73, Arturia Minibrute and Wurlitzer MLM101)

Temporal Relics
Released October 30, 2015
Midwich Records, Chicago
Available as Vinyl LP

All live, all completely improvised, Temporal Relic #1 & #2 are carved out of the same continuous 40-minute session that marked the first time the pair sat down together and "just hit record."

Side A: Temporal Relic #1
Side B: Temporal Relic #2

Rated #3 in Top 10 Records of 2015 That Dave Segal Dares You to Check Out If You Think You Can Even Handle It —The Stranger